Franchising Overseas


Establish in 2010, Franchising Overseas was founded to deliver a complete range of Restaurant Consulting, Creation of Food Concept and Franchising management services within the food sector for companies, investors, restaurant owners and all those who want to start their own restaurant business.

Our Consulting and Franchising divisions can function independently or can be a component of a whole project. Global experience and local expertise mean that we can dive straight in and provide fast and sharp, ideas, concept and business solutions.

Our services are aimed at all those restaurant owners who want to improve their restaurant service, companies that want to franchise, franchisors and active entrepreneurs and investors who wish to join a franchise network.

We specialize in creating food projects and help companies in their business growth. Our team doesn't have the only academic experience, we also functional experience in operational areas working with highly recognized international and Canadian brands such as KFC, Subway, White Spot, Holiday Inn, to name a few.

When engaging with us you won't just the desired results, but also peace of mind knowing that you have hired not just a consulting firm, but also a partner that cares about your business.

We have been developing, supporting and opening franchises and independent restaurants in more than 30 countries. Working with different cultures has given us a better understanding, experience and global vision that has allowed us to help our clients more efficiently, and learn their own unique needs.

This is something that we are passionate about, we always strive to learn different ways to help our customers.

If this is something that speaks to you, please contact us for further information.