Virtual Building
Have you imagined seeing how your restaurant will look long before it opens? Don't settle for just layouts or renderings when you can have everything long before you put a brick!

BIM simulation for restaurant operation and maintenance

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Edificacion Virtual

The advantages of using our methodology

The BIM methodology automates currently manual processes such as the drawing of 2D plans, exchanging the time and resources destined to generate plans and the recipients in increasing the quality of design.

A BIM model shows in early stages the real dimension of the spaces, starting from the conceptual design to the development of the detailed design. It allows, in turn, to detect errors, leave or substantial improvements to the project without normally being the center of attention in more advanced phases such as coordination. The BIM model becomes a quality and verification unit without affecting the creative processes, since making changes without much effort is a virtue throughout the process cycle.

The BIM environment allows collaborators to design in a collaborative environment where each specialty or role that participates contributes in real time, that is, they do not "copy and paste" versions of files, since the concept is based on a "single file" in where everyone participates in an orderly manner building the digital 3D model

Coordination and quality
A BIM model reinforces the ability to coordinate and review the information, which with a traditional 2D process requires a lot of effort to distinguish between the specialties on drawings. Finding bugs becomes a strenuous activity and many bugs are often overlooked and noticed until construction.
The architect gains control as he is able to coordinate and manage changes and communicate it in a way to all team members, including clients.

Plans, quantification and project data
As the model closes its design stages, the plans (cuts, elevations, facades, etc.) can be obtained automatically and exported to DWG and PDF formats, both printed and digital.

Virtual Construction - Simulations
Finally, the BIM model is used as the central point to plan the execution, doing simulations for each specialty according to an established schedule and budget.