Interested in becoming a restaurant owner?

The concepts of Franchising Overseas are ready, highly adaptable, and flexible which can be developed in as little as 600 and up to 2000 square feet. The menus and operating models are flexible to meet the local and cultural differences of the countries where you want to open your new business.
Our concepts will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about pursuing this exciting opportunity.

Five Fantastic Concepts To Choose From



Mexican food is so much more than tacos and Burritos! Mexican food is passion, color, joy; we make beautiful, rich and handcrafted food using only authentic ingredients from mother earth. Food with integrity, our food is made artisan, handcrafted as about the ancient tradition of the Mexican culture.

EARTH Handcrafted Cold-Pressed Juices is much more than an experience in pressed juices. Handmade juices, straight from the earth to your mouth.
Artisanal juices; handmade, no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives, no added water, natural sugars from fruits and vegetables.
EARTH Handcrafted Cold-Pressed Juices brand expresses the idea of protecting and caring for our planet, our customers and the community we serve using local and organic products as far as possible and thereby help the development of small farmers

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...liquid health!

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Grillhouse is so good, so tasty, and so simple

Our food is not only simplicity. It is a mixture of such different products and creates a harmonious, excellent, delicious and healthy finish. Simplicity is not present here at all.

At Grillhouse you choose the ingredients in the amount to your taste between fresh vegetables, meats, seafood, and noodles, weighed, cook your selection on an open grill with our homemade sauces to your taste and your dish is presented on a bed of Basmati rice.

And of course, we also have succulent dishes of the house as well as delicious entrees and soups.

It’s more than an experience in Tacos. We make our tortillas daily by hand using our original and traditional Mexican dough and our amazing  yellow and blue dough-corn. Our salsas are made daily and "molcajeteadas"; as it should be! Our meats are marinated slowly, left at rest until it reaches its exact point of maturity and flavor, slowly cooked in their juices following the authentic recipes of Mexican cuisine.


Old and authentic Mexican recipes taken straight from old Mexican Towns.

Mexican food is more than tacos, come and join to the REAL MEXICAN GOURMET TACOS.

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...the place to be!

The Zebatta’s concept was born in order to satisfy more customers’ options, and upscale concept fits a niche between fast food and casual dining--offering the customer the best benefits of both segments.
The ambiance of Zebatta Healthy Bistro facilities contributes to customers' desire to eat their meals in a comfortable, healthy environment.



The Opportunity

Our mission is not only to design and create excellent, healthy and quality food options within a casual atmosphere also is to be one of the best companies within the food sector. We seek to produce financial rewards to our partners as we provide opportunities for growth and life enrichment. And in everything we do, we strive for honesty, integrity, and passion.

Our food concepts are not franchises, therefore there is no payment on franchise rights, there is no royalty payment, and no marketing payments.

We offer additional support services for your operation and can be hired individually or in a package and for as long as you need it.

    •    Profitable Business System & Business Plan

    •    Extensive Site Selection Program

    •    Site Lay Outs and Renderings

    •    Training Program and Seminars

    •    Comprehensive Operational Manual

    •    Operational Tools

    •    Marketing Catalogue and Marketing Programs (L.S.M)

    •    Ongoing Technical Support and Assistance

We believe that our clients and partners are the single most valuable asset to the organization. Providing outstanding and continuing support is not only a cornerstone of Franchising Overseas culture.


FRANCHISING OVERSEAS offers ongoing support, proven business procedures and various systems to assist you in managing your business to success.


Steps to Become a Business Owner

Initial Application

The signing of a Sales Contract

Personal Meeting

Process Approval


Market Preparation

Training and Opening