15 terrifying questions that a bad franchisor does not want to hear, much less respond

When it comes to buying a franchise also that the potential buyer has the right to ask questions. If you hear vague, evasive, absurd answers, or excuses for not answering the questions, there are two immediate exits: leave as quickly as possible and/or say: thanks but no thanks!

1.When your company was established

2. What is the history of your company?

3. Since when your company is offering franchises

4. Why are you offering franchises

5. Is there a current franchisee I can speak with?

6. Could you provide me with your commercial references?

7. What are the costs associated with your franchise?

8. What makes your brand better than the competition?

9. Can you explain the training program & ongoing support?

10. Is there a marketing plan in place for the franchisees?

11. What is the assistance in the site selection process

12. Can I see the FDD?

13. May I participate as an observer during a session of your seminars or training?

14. What associations does the company belong to?

15. May I see the professional background of your executives and the ones who provide direct franchise field support?

Remember that a franchise is very much a marriage, at least for ten years- in most cases, then please make sure to investigate the brand of your dreams.

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