Do you want to create a strong and sustainable restaurant operation?

Regardless of whether they are franchises, corporate or independent restaurants, the truth is that the management turnover is nearly 40% and around 35% of restaurant managers, resign within the first year…

The associated costs and consequences are more expensive than you think about the growth of your business!

You can't expect everything to work well if the managerial levels are doing wrong

The effects of the restaurant managers who are not engaged plus staff turnover are much more expensive than you think. The negative effects of disengaged managers spread like a virus among the restaurant staff and can provoke among other consequences:

  • Lack of teamwork and low productivity

  • Teamwork disengagement

  • Preparation of low-quality products, more waste, high food costs.

  • Instability in the quality of products and services, consequently affecting customer base what means the ultimate sales.

If you take into account the cost of turnover plus the cost of hiring, induction and training time, the reality is that restaurant productivity becomes a nightmare, but we can not stop here, we must be aware of the implications that rotation itself brings in the restaurant's financial results and the entire team spirit.

Many restaurants manager fails in their job due to the lack of direction, motivation, goals, lack of training & development, work/life balance, and bonus structure. So, what’s the secret to making them stay?

Here are some actions that you can start implementing:

  • Development and Performance Reviews. Move away from the traditional yearly performance, quarterly reviews are more effective, reduce stress, and are more productive.

  • Integration meetings. Make integration meetings outside the offices, the integration meetings promote the company's culture, break barriers, and promote teamwork.

  • Be open with your staff. Open new lines of communication, let all your staff know what is happening, goals, events, training, new products, staff promotion, etc. Share the news!

  • Promotes the company culture and values in everything; mission, vision, and values must be shared.

  • Reinforce positive actions, encourage staff to get engaged and connect. Remember that not all people are equal or learn with the same ease, each person is different and it is important to know how to communicate.

  • Improve the company’s benefits. Improve the company’s benefits. If your staff knows that they will get extra benefits besides salaries, their performance improves.

If you want to lower the staff turnover, it is crucial that the company has a development plan, and this is regardless the size of your operation, and remember to run the Development Need Inventory must be carried out at least once a year.

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