Do you want to have a successful restaurant?

Regardless of whether it is a franchise, corporate, or independent restaurant to have a successful restaurant start evaluating and controlling your operation, here is a basic guide on what you have to control and improve ...

  • Maintain absolute control over your RSO.

  • Reduce the cost of utilities and other semi-variables.

  • Achieve SLM.

  • Improve labour productivity.

  • Implement the thru-put system in your workstations

  • Implement and improve your LSM initiatives as well as your social media presence.

  • Implements and develops a complete training system, a good system is one that trains in technical, practical, and managerial skills.

  • Control and improve the prime cost.

  • Reduce waste.

  • Implementing of the HACCP system.

  • Implement a total quality program in your products and services.

  • Optimize your menu items, don't try to be everything for everyone.

  • Learn how to implement additional menu lines such as seasonal, regional and how to run in-and-out products

If it is not measured it cannot be evaluated

We work hand-to-hand with franchisors, franchisees, and independent restaurant owners providing a strategic diagnosis to improve operational efficiency and ensure the durability of the concept, identifying areas of opportunity, and developing action plans that will allow to increase sales and improve profitability.

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