Return to your roots

Updated: May 1, 2020

Do not try to be everything for everyone

Certainly, the restaurant business is very competitive and demanding but a serious mistake is to try to be everything for everyone and this is the best way to lose the business identity. If before your customers use to go to your business it's because you were the best in your class, but now, they have too many options as gluten-free, plant-base, etc. that is not too bad, the bad thing is that in the vast majority of the casual business the quality of the products sold continues to decline in quality and service, but why?

For example, if an employee use to do 3 tasks that demanded an hour, he is now required to do 6 in an hour. (This leads you to another kind of problems: low productivity, more rotation, poor quality service just to name a few).

The introduction of new and more products and to be more competitive has led many restaurant owners to introduce highly processed and low-quality products.

It's not just selling one or more products, a system is required: new equipment, space, training, marketing, inventories, control, etc. but also other challengers arise as:

  • Very high probability of cross-contamination.

  • Cannibalization of some products of the core menu.

  • Loss of identity (DNA) "wanting to be everything to everyone".

Why do you do it? Wanting to have products because they are the new trend does not justify it. The most common response that is received is: “being able to offer several alternatives”, but it turns out that none of these alternatives is good enough.

Optimizing and managing your Core menu can bring more alternatives without losing your "Core menu" and especially the roots of your business, here are some:

  • Introduction of seasonal products.

  • In & Out

  • Regional Products

  • LTO items.

Did you know that large companies use the In & Out product line to investigate the acceptance of a new product before it becomes part of their Core menu?

There are really good restaurants that sell only plant-based, vegan, gluten-free products, etc. (by the way less than 1% of the worldwide population is affected by gluten, please do not try to be everything for everyone, be the best in your product line and return to your roots!

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