Is home delivery system helping or damaging your restaurant?

Home Delivery might be good, but it’s not the program that can save your restaurant from a bad operation and poor financial results.

Home Delivery is an external sales program that must be properly prepared before being launched. It’s not just about cooking a meal, boxing it and placing it in a plastic bag and sending it off for delivery by a third-party driver, in one way or another the delivery guy must be an ambassador of your brand and is important to remember, however, that consumers’ desire for convenience does not outweigh the need to deliver the same great-tasting food that people expect when dining in the restaurant.

You must carefully analyze your menu since not all products retain good quality when delivered, let review some:

  • Type of packaging

  • Product cost

  • Peak delivery days

  • Extra staff

  • Taking and monitoring orders

  • Use of new technology

  • Staff training

These are just some of the issues in which your operation should be well prepared.

No one wants to receive soggy sandwiches, mixed scents, scrambled products, incomplete orders, crushed hamburger packed in foil paper with missing ingredients, etc. On top of that hygiene issues might be a factor depending on the drivers. Unfortunately, a lot can happen between when an order is placed, and when the food is delivered.

“A recent national survey found that nearly 30 percent of food delivery drivers are eating from the food they are responsible for delivering”.

Then what to do?. You may use tamper-proof labels such as those that adhere securely to most packaging materials. Using the right labels system you can also include personalized messages for your customers like to include basic information such as reheating instructions, date and time the meal was prepared and nutritional information, the label system also ensures that food is handled properly during delivery so that customers feel safe eating the food they have ordered. Using the labels system is peace of mind because if the seal is broken at the time of delivery, it is a clear indication that the food may have been handled.

The Home Delivery program must pay off additional resources not become a source of customer complaints and loss of profit.

The Home Delivery program must be another source of promotion and this is a great opportunity to increase your customer base providing extra value to your service by delivering something additional named “value” to differentiate your business from your competition and help to have a positive engagement with restaurant patrons can grow customer loyalty and help increase repeat home-delivery orders.

Also, It is very important to have a reliable system to develop a good database, this will help you to:

  • Efficiently build your TAZ

  • Know who your customers are

  • Where do they live

  • What they ask for

  • Frequency of purchase

  • How much do they spend

  • Food preference

  • Building brand awareness

  • Follow-up calls

All of the above not only helps you know more about your customers, but it will also help you launch more and better promotions since you will know who to direct them to.

Remember that a Home Delivery order should never leave the place if it is not properly verified by the person responsible for the system.

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