Mon and pops restaurant will survive?

If large restaurant chains are having trouble staying partially open through home delivery services, or even as they now call it "curbside service," not everyone has been so fortunate.

Many small franchisors have not supported their franchisees, they have simply been left to fend for themselves. Some have only offered to postpone royalty payments by calculating sales before closing, but even so, without fresh income only more and more debts will accumulate and they will be doomed to close their doors for good.

It has been mentioned that if franchise companies do not have a good development and sustainability program for their expansion plans, their franchise system will become chaotic, it is enough to see what happened with Burgerin, and this is only an example. Franchising is not just adding a new tab in their website's pages, they must have the money and the experience to sustain their franchise program. Unfortunately, there are many cases when a person opens a restaurant and wants to start selling franchises, that is, trying to make easy money at the expense of others, but at the moment it is not the franchises that bring us here, is what about independent restaurants?

Many have been working in survival mode for long periods, for many, this closure of operations will be sadly final.

It cannot be denied that COVID-19 was the drop that spilled the water from the glass for many independent businesses (also several franchises), since not because they are franchises they are far from having bad operations, it was previously mentioned that in franchising if companies do not have a good development program and sustainability for their expansion plans, their franchises will turn in chaos, it's enough to see the example that Burgerin gave.

It has been mentioned previously that the closure of a restaurant is not due to a single cause, it is the accumulation of several factors.

And several circumstances and error accumulation of internal and external circumstances. Here are just some reasons for that:

  • Poor or lack of an updated Business Plan.

  • Wrong Site Selection, ignorance about their TAZ.

  • High Competition.

  • A restaurant without DNA, "more of the same".

  • No Brand Awareness.

  • High Turnover.

  • Lack of Operational Controls.

  • Poor Effective Supervision.

  • Few Operative Training.

  • Terrible Customer Service.

  • High Operating Costs.

  • Lack of Restaurant Business Management.

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