The Typical Case Of Operational Blindness

This is not an isolated case; it happens more frequently than you might believe regardless of whether it is an independent restaurant or a franchise.

Seeing the same things continually becomes part of the usual scenario, so the manager and team (even the owners) don't see further, and the problem becomes part of daily operation and routine. Doing things right doesn't cost more

The diagnosis of an external operational audit will allow you not only to see what is wrong but also to have a diagnosis of the current situation and have a plan with alternatives for a BETTER INTERNAL OPERATION of your restaurant, which will bring the following benefits:

  • A better and safe workplace

  • Implementation of savings programs

  • More productive teamwork

  • Decrease in staff turnover

  • Better operational controls and programs

  • Better general restaurant performance

  • Continuous improvement in the quality of products & services

  • Higher sales

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