Restaurant Operation Assessments

Mystery Shopping & Restaurant Check-up

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Franchising Overseas Group's customized methodology provides a comprehensive report with an extensive story-like narrative that details every aspect of the visit, from the interaction with the host upon arrival to the food quality to the check delivery and every interaction in between and when is possible with photos. You can count that our programs are tailored to address each customer’s unique standards and needs.

Our restaurant visits are not as the typical reviews, just addressing what was wrong, we go much further, we help break down the steps of development into phases to make it easier to digest and our visits and each report will help you to implement your quality and improvement programs; training opportunities, reward programs, Local Store Marketing activities and much more; we do an X-ray visit experience running the entire F-O-H (Front-of-House);

Also, we review and analyze your Trade Area Zone and we include some information about what your competition is doing.   

We put emphasis on each detail of your operation and facility, remember that everything that happens in your restaurant affects your sales and you have only one chance to retain and improve your customer's experience.

We are not a Mystery Shoppers Company we don’t do reviews,...We are and we do more than that; we strive for excellence and our goal is your full satisfaction helping you and improving your Services & Product and increase the bottom line.