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Training is something that every restaurant must do, but few restaurants take full advantage of it as a tool to increase profit.

Think of restaurant training as much more than teaching the server staff how to set a table, take an order or serve a meal.

You can’t separate restaurant training from marketing.

If you’ve made a good marketing plan, but neglected effective restaurant training, great marketing will just kill a bad operation faster.

If you send people into an operation that is performing below par, people will have a bad experience and your money will have to be spent on operations improvement rather than marketing.

The most important companies in the food sector are spending more money on restaurant training than they do on advertising.


The benefits of training can be summed up as:


1. Improves Morale of Employees

2. Less Supervision

3. Fewer Accidents

4. Chances of Promotion

5. Increased Productivity

6. Improve Customer Service

7. Less Turnover



Opening a restaurant and making it a business is the perfect mix of art, passion, and science. In this workshop, we will review the fundamental and essential steps to create a differentiated creative concept that is also profitable.... from creating a practical business plan to the opening itself

Outgoing Training & Franchise Workshop


Our hands-on Training Program is designed to provide you with all the tools to operate and grow your restaurant successfully.

We provide a full training workshop for new franchisees. Providing this kind of seminar to new franchisees will deliver a top training beside to store Opening Training, and also will provide extra value to your system

This workshop includes the following topics:

Site Selection

Building my Restaurant

Market Preparation
Local Store Marketing and Community Involvement
Store Image: Maintaining your Store & Equipment

Full on-the-job duties and Sales Training
Food Cost & Food Safety Control;
In and Out Sales Programs
People Management & Development

At the end of the course, you will be able to determine the plans to follow for an effective opening, recognize the best places for an opening, run promotional plans, understand your target audience & competition and improve efficiency in logistics and processes. Finally, you will develop a list of tools and resources that you will use to promote and keep your business on track